Making Space: Four hundred and fifty-nine pots broken for you, Performance

Gabriella Gilmore

Archive Events & Talks (30 January 2020, 6.15pm - 5.00pm)
This January Fabrica is hosting a work-in-progress by young artist, Gabriella Gilmore that explores Cognitive Dissonance and how it works as a creative psychological tool, via two workshops, an installation and a performance. Through this process Gabriella is seeking to broaden the discussion about our everyday encounter with dissonance and understand more about how to realise it as a concept through material and performative methods.
Each year Fabrica makes its space available to artists to test new ground in their practice, opening up the possibility to use the space in imaginative ways and experiment with new ways of working.

On Thursday 30 January Gabriella will present her own 459 pinch pots as an installation, before leading a performance to destroy it. This will be followed by an informal Q&A with the artist.

As part of her Making Space residency, Gabriella is planning to document the whole process and what she is learning through it, as an illustrated document.
Gabriella Gillmore

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