Archive Film at Fabrica (13 February 2023, 6.45pm - 9.30pm)
Join us for unique and thought-provoking film in a beautiful setting.
Presented in partnership with Bulldog Film Distribution

January / 2021 / 1hr&50mins / Rated 12A

Where is Petar Motorov, and what has happened to him? There’s only one way to find out.

In the midst of nowhere, five men are stuck in a cabin in a snowstorm. The men are caught in a limbo between life and death, past and present, communism and capitalism, known and unknown, here and there, try to resolve a mystery, which slowly devours them.

Inspired by the eponymous play by Nobel Prize Nominee Yordan Radichkov and reinterpreted for world audiences by acclaimed documentary filmmaker Andrey Paounov, January is a bold fiction debut of a director who has made a name by exploring, with a sense of humour, the existential absurdities of the post-socialist state in the language of cinema.

“Beyond its connection to recent Bulgarian history, Paounov’s January, with its absorbing cinematography, creepy soundtrack, magnificent cast and ever-escalating suspense, is a first-class mystery-thriller which does not necessarily need to be situated in any specific context in order to be enjoyed.” – Cineuropa

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