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Partial Facsimile: Art & Wellbeing

Archive Events & Talks (9 March 2023, 6.30pm - 9.00pm)
Join Partial Facsimile members, Laila Riis and Benjamin Baxter as they outline the research and processes of making Dynamic Dose.
Join us for an artist talk by Partial Facsimile members, Laila Riis (MA Digital Music & Sound Arts) and Benjamin Baxter (BA Art & Technology) where they will outline the research undertaken and the processes of making their current work at Fabrica, 'Dynamic Dose’.

They will be joined by artist, performer, founder and host ofLava Elastic neuro-diverse comedy & poetry night, Miss Sarah Saeed, who will give an account of the benefits she has experienced by regularly using “Dynamic Dose” recreationally since its binaural demo version was released in 2020.

Dynamic Dose is an ambient multi-media installation that combines specific sound and light frequencies, using a 3D sound system and light projection to bathe the space in orange hues. Visitors are invited to experience the work in a reclining chair with a small group of other attendees for an intimate and reflective personal experience. The composition is accessible to all ages and abilities but also seeks to induce well being in people suffering from anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia or Alzheimer’s disease. Visitors are recommended to observe a 20 minute “Dynamic Dose” – the equivalent of taking an effective power nap.

Further guest speakers TBC.
Artist Talk 9th March 2023 1


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