Photoworks Summit

Archive Events & Talks (12 March to 13 March 2024, 11.00am - 5.00pm)
Photoworks Summit is the place to gather and explore 'The Thing' about photography, festivals, photobooks and professional practices.

Photoworks Summit is the place for photographers, creatives and arts professionals to gather and explore 'The Thing' about photography; from festivals to photobooks and across creative and professional practices. Featuring two days of presentations, performances, round tables and practical sessions, Photoworks Summit is an opportunity to meet, exchange and collaborate.

the thing about festivals, the thing about photography, the thing about photobooks, the thing about placemaking, the thing about survival, the thing about care, the thing about exhibitions, the thing about sustainability, the thing about access, the thing about the thing, the thing about ideas, the thing about representation, the thing about collaboration, the thing about us

Throughout both days delegates will be able to explore installations of the two editions of our Photoworks Festival in a Box, print sale, interactive making and ideas, a photobook reading room by The Sustainable Photobook Publishing Network and independent publishers Jane & Jeremy curate a photobook exhibition of indie books and contemporary publishers.

Supported by Arts Council England, British Council, Spectrum Photographic.

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