Gallery Talk: Portraying the Dying Person, Image Making at the End of Life

Archive Events & Talks (15 November 2017, 6.00pm - 8.00pm)
This event brings together the artist Steven Eastwood with eminent professionals from the fields of ethics and palliative care and concentrates on the ethical issues encountered and overcome in the making of artworks involving people with terminal illness, particularly focusing on and responding to Fabrica's current exhibition and feature film by Eastwood. The conversation will consider the role and unique perspective of medical care professional and artist-filmmakers, asking what images do we have, what images can we sanction, what is an appropriate image, and what images do we need?
Chaired by: Prof Bobbie Farsides - Professor of Clinical and Biomedical Ethics, Brighton & Sussex Medical School

Nigel Hartley - CEO of Earl Mountbatten Hospice
Prof Allan Kellehear- 50th Anniversary Professor (End of Life Care) and Academic Director for the Digital Health Enterprise Zone
Dr Ros Taylor MBE - Doctor and Former Clinical Director of Hospice UK
Dr Steven Eastwood - Artist / Filmmaker

"People with terminal diagnoses and in the end stages of life are largely denied cultural participation and therefore an image. It is important to give witness to the process of dying, debating what we have and aspire to in terms of wider communities of care and how we as a culture might be better educated in terms of death and dying". Steven Eastwood, 2017
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