Speed of Sound/Speed of Light

Caleb Madden and Bartosz Dylewski

Archive Events & Talks (5 September 2013, 7.30pm - 9.30pm)
For Brighton Digital Festival Fabrica has created the Testbed, which gives a digital artist the opportunity to work in the space and test a new piece of work. In 2013 we selected artists Caleb Madden and Bartosz Dylewski who are developing Speed of Sound/Speed of Light an intense and immersive multi-channel digital projection and live-processed audio performance.
Speed of Sound/Speed of Light promises to be a unique experience. Existing in an exiting new position at the intersection between gallery installation and live performance, this piece is concerned primarily with the perception and the experience of audio and visual stimuli.

A unification and manipulation of the speed of sound and the speed of light will be forged. The performance will involve controlled waves of sound and light, allowing the presence and effect of these forces to be felt in new ways.

Utilising 3 x digital projectors, edge blended, to create one seamless overhead projection combined with a multiple loudspeaker array spread along the length of Fabrica, a forceful live performance will be digitally processed in real time. The audio will be output at high volume levels across 8 lines of loudspeakers. A reactive visual element, created within self-authored software will traverse the room overhead as the sound is distributed across the speaker array. This audio-visual distribution will initially be very slow, and will accelerate through the duration of the performance until both audio and visuals are rapid fire, with projected graphics travelling through the room at precisely the speed of sound.

Madden/Dylewski have recently presented/exhibited at a variety of spaces/events, including White Night in Brighton, The Roundhouse in Camden and De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill, and most recently a performance work with the band Mount Kimbie at South Bank in London.
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