Gallery Talk: Sacred Architecture

Archive Events & Talks (25 August 2021, 6.00pm - 7.00pm)
An introduction to the way that different faith groups interpret ‘sacred’ spaces and how this is reflected in architectural forms over time.
Architecture may be seen as the art of designing space for use and movement. And in doing so expressing some of the most fundamental and universal aspects of human existence. This is particularly evident in sacred architecture, where the architectural elements may be seen as archetypal forms that represent universal ideas about a spiritual path and its goal.

Through this talk followed by Q&A, Dr Angela Connelly will outline the way that different faith groups interpret ‘sacred’ spaces and how this is reflected in the architectural forms that have been produced over time. With a focus on Christian faith organisations, she will show how spatial structure and architectural history offer a route into examining the dimensions of faith and spirituality.

Dr Angela Connelly is Senior Lecturer at the Manchester School of Architecture. She completed a doctoral thesis entitled ‘Methodist Central Halls as Public Sacred Space’ in 2011. Through her research she analyses the shaping of people and environments by examining cases in both the past and present including religious architecture, public art, and flood resilience strategies. She draws on a range of methodological tools, including visual sources and walking tours, in order to understand the narratives that are constructed about built and natural environments.
Sacred architecture

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