Gallery Talk: The Art Of Inclusion, Making Environments for Meaningful Participation

Archive Events & Talks (13 July 2017, 6.00pm - 8.00pm)
Meaningful inclusion is dependent upon creating attitudinal and spatial environments that support individuals to be free. IN COLOUR, Peter Hudson’s exhibition for Fabrica was conceived as one such environment: a work that would genuinely embrace a diverse audience and the possibilities for communication between neurodiverse and neurotypical communities. His commission builds upon the considerable expertise of Project Art Works who have supported the artist to develop the work through close interaction with neurodiverse participants, artists and makers at their studios in Hastings.
In November 2016 a UN Enquiry concluded that Austerity policies introduced into welfare and social care by the UK government amount to “systematic violations” of the rights of people with disabilities. The Radical Model of disability(1) stresses that disability is not a point of individual or social tragedy but a natural and necessary part of human diversity. The ‘tragedy’ of disability is not different minds and bodies but oppression, exclusion and marginalization.

In this specially programmed discussion for artists and other arts, health and social care professionals, respected Clinical Psychologist Dr Tony Levitan, Artist and Director of Project Art Works Kate Adams, Director of Fabrica Liz Whitehead and artist Peter Hudson describe these environmental factors and their impact on people with complex needs, the artist and co-commissioner partnership and the development of the IN COLOUR commission.
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