The Conversation

Archive Film at Fabrica (16 February 2023, 6.00pm - 9.00pm)
Join us for a unique and thought-provoking film in a beautiful setting.
The Conversation / 1974 / 1hr&53mins / Rated 15 / Subtitled

Programmed in response Fabrica’s In Between Gallery, our contemporary photography exhibition featured in our street-facing window, currently presenting “Many Happy Days” by Duncan Poulton (December-April 2023).

Francis Ford Coppola’s paranoid and thrilling classic follows surveillance expert Harry Caul who is hired to tail a young couple. He tracks the pair through San Francisco’s Union Square, and manages to record a cryptic conversation and is left deciphering whether the couple are in danger.

Duncan Poulton’s work is collaged using exclusively found material online and explores the notion of the death of privacy online. Catherine Shoard of the Guardian states: You could write a book about The Conversation’s relationship to emerging tech, reassess it in the light of such a wholesale overhaul to surveillance and privacy. But... what touches me is Harry’s age-old psychological torment. He bears the guilt of the culpable outsider. He is silent witness to atrocities he knows are likely going on next door, but is paralysed when he tries to act.

For the film's BBFC themes and content guidance, please click here.


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