Tour & Talk

Simon Le Boggit

Archive Events & Talks (28 October 2021, 6.15pm - 7.30pm)
An illustrated talk and exhibition tour with STRANGE RELATIONS exhibiting artist, Simon Le Boggit
In this illustrated talk, Simon will present a selection of his works, followed by a Q&A hosted by Liz Whitehead, Director of Fabrica.

Simon Le Boggit is a multimedia artist focusing on the distillation of ‘meaning’ from chaos. This has resulted in works of abstract or skewed imagery, mesmeric video, evocative textured walls of sound, and the generation of chaotic algorithmic musical compositions.

Simon Le Boggit sees life as a chaotic dance of collisions and entanglements. Affected over three decades by spinal arthritis which ‘came from nowhere’, Le Boggit also acknowledges that there have also been genuinely wonderful unpredictable moments. ‘Even Giants Have To Bend’ is a video artwork arising from a surprise and overwhelming encounter with nature, which seemed to blur the lines between self and surroundings. ‘Such grand wordless moments are something to be savoured.’
Simon Le Boggit Tour and Talk

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