You Can Call It Confirmation Bias

Part of Brighton Fringe 2024

Archive Events & Talks (8 May to 9 May 2024, 7.30pm - 10.30pm)
You Can Call It Confirmation Bias is a performance about how fortune-telling miracle fish and trees that look like women’s legs helped us to predict the future.

The work began as an exchange of letters between friends, and has grown into an expanded poem involving oversized paper props and cellophane fish.

Emma Lindsay and Alice Gale-Feeny are two artists who make awkward, sincere and queer performance. They bring their particular understanding of both contemporary art and movement practice to performance-making, which culminates in visually inventive work to bridge disciplines.

“Experimental masterpiece. Moving, sincere, heartfelt, inspired. Thought provoking and fringe.”
(Audience Feedback from Edinburgh Fringe 2023)

Call it Confirmation bias
Image Credit: Adianna Apodaca


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