Cast Off

Kaarina Kaikkonen

Archive Exhibitions (21 June to 25 August 2003)
Finnish sculptor, Kaarina Kaikkonen creates installations from used materials such as telephone directories, potato sacks and men’s clothing. For Cast Off she will be creating a giant boat from 500 men’s jackets.
Kaarina uses her own experiences as a starting point for exploring big life issues such as death, memory and memorial, which will have a particular resonance in Fabrica, a former church. As a Finn, Kaikkonen sees ‘the boat’ as both an everyday object and a symbol of human passage, representing physical and metaphysical journeys. The shape of the boat will be formed by suspending hundreds of jackets on long ropes, from one end of the gallery to the other. Fabrica is working closely with a local hospice to collect enough jackets for the piece.

"I think that all my works with jackets deal with the existence of a human being, or rather my idea of it. Humankind is just a very tiny part of the natural world, with no special rights to think of ourselves as more important than anything else – this is one of the reasons why I make landscapes out of jackets. But also, I like the feeling of an old jacket, the feeling of someone having worn it, and somehow a jacket is also a feeling of my father, who died suddenly when I was a child, in front of my eyes." Kaarina Kaikkonen

About The Artist

Kaarina Kaikkonen studied at the Academy of Fine Arts between 1978 and 1983. She has become one of the leading artists of Finnish art thanks to her work in sculpture and installations.

Kaarina Kaikkonen is best known for shaping urban landscapes and emphasizing community through her installations. In her works, one can find references to current themes of humanity’s place in their own time, and of basic needs that always exist regardless of environment or culture. Old clothes contain the former user's presence, which wraps around Kaikkonen’s story and places the viewer before something new and unknown but at the same time exceedingly familiar and intimate.

The impressive installations made out of mens’ jackets and shirts are well known both in Finland and globally such as in the US, Cuba, Canada, Japan, and Great Britain.

Kaikkonen was awarded the National Visual Arts Prize in 1989, the Finland Prize of Art in 2001, and in 2013 the Order of the Lion of Finland awarded her Knight, First Class. Kaikkonen has also received international awards such as Public Prize in Den Haag Sculptuur in the Netherlands in 2004 and Honorable Mention at the Cairo 11th Biennale in Egypt in 2009.

Galerie Forsblom has been representing Kaarina Kaikkonen since 2008

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Cast Off
Cast Off

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