Carolyn Black, Judith Josso, Kate Ross, Pletts Haque

Archive Exhibitions (9 November to 15 December 2002)
Feelers is an exhibition of three large-scale installations designed to test the different senses.

Red’s Cave by French video artist Judith Josso in collaboration with Kate Ross is a large screen close up of a pair of laughing mouths slowed down to dramatic and surprising effect.
Bristol based artist Carolyn Black shows her short video piece, A Case of Vanity, a small unblinking loop that flashes the viewer into surreal associations of eye and vanity, optical and aesthetics. A luminescent case opens mirroring the movement of an eyelid only to expose an eye staring from its inside. Part ready-made sculpture, partly just do-it DIY video, A Case of Vanity keeps it immediate and simple. Originally trained as a painter and printmaker Carolyn Black has recently transferred her attentions to video and web-based work.

Architectural practice Pletts Haque have built a beautiful glowing smell pavilion in which the viewer can conjure up new olfactory delights. Scents of Space is a translucent pavilion in which visitors enter and react with carefully controlled zones of fragrance. Nine smells precisely and dynamically located, travelling slowly in straight lines until the visitor chooses to mingle them with the movements of their bodies. Pletts Haque, in consultation with smell specialist Dr Luca Turin have used their skills to create new evocative ways of experiencing, controlling and interacting with places through smell. In the process they also create a mysterious new odours, which might include subtle blends of grapefruit, garlic, roses and bus stops.
Arts council england
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Brighton and hove city council
Wellcome collection
Feelers 2


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