In Between Gallery: Untitled (2013) 

Rich Cutler

Archive Exhibitions (1 June to 31 July 2020)
The In Between Gallery is a temporary gallery in the Fabrica window showing contemporary photography between Fabrica's main exhibition programme. We show work from two artists a year including an Open Call between December and April. 
This photograph is taken from the Insecta Series (2013-2018). The series explores ruined and forgotten insect collections, investigating our relationship with nature, our need to collect and its role in memory and the pursuit of knowledge.

Rich Cutler is a British photographer and artist. He is compelled by images of time and symbolism and relationships between the historical and the present and the sciences and the arts.

About The Artist

Rich Cutler has a degree in chemistry. That might not be the most obvious statement with which to announce his interest in image-making – but what drew him to science lies also at the heart of his fascination with art: their common drive to explore and understand ourselves and the world. Complementing his scientific background, Rich holds a master’s degree in photography.

Rich is compelled by images of time and symbolism, and relationships between the historical and the present and between the sciences and the arts.

In addition to being a photographer, Rich helps artists, authors and publishers to create books and other publications by providing book design, copyediting, proofreading and other services – see the services page and Helius (his publishing company). He has undertaken projects involving Atelier Éditions, The Courtauld Institute of Art, Frieze magazine, Photoworks and The Science Museum, London.

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Photo fringe
Loupe more than photography

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