Plan for a Spell

Adam Chodzko

Archive Exhibitions (26 April to 9 June 2002)
Plan for a Spell continued Chodzko’s fascination with the processes and affects of our imaginations and systems of belief. The video installation used a programme that randomly searched through contemporary ‘folk’ sites for the right combination of sequences that would create magic.
Through this random process, the video projection and 3D sound generated itself, live. If left on infinitely, all the possible configurations may never be played and so the spell may never be triggered – or the magic may be released in the first few minutes.

Plan for a Spell continued Chodzko’s fascination with the processes of our imaginations and their effects on our culture. A seemingly random collection of the moving image documenting different events such as the Burry Man ritual in Scotland, wicker weaving in Cumbria, supporters fighting during a derby and pyres of slaughtered cattle, brought to the limelight the uncanny mysteries of human behaviour. Using a DVD encoded to randomly sort through these contemporary ‘folk’ sites, image, sound and text combine in a multitude of permutations, searching for the right combination of sequences that will cause the release of a spell. The viewer may chance upon the spell immediately or it may be infinitely deferred.

About The Artist

Adam Chodzko is an artist working across media, exploring our conscious and unconscious behaviours, social relations and collective imaginations through artworks created as speculative forms of ‘social media.’ Exhibiting his work nationally and internationally since 1991 Chodzko’s practice asks ‘what might we be becoming?’ by examining ways in which the visual might enhance our perception in order to create better connections with others.

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