Putting Ourselves In The Picture

Sara Dare, Annis Joslin and Jo Offer

Archive Exhibitions (13 July to 26 August 2019)
This summer everyone will have the opportunity to be creative at Fabrica. Throughout July and August we’ll be operating an accessible artist studio so that everyone who wants to can produce an artwork. We’re also creating a small temporary gallery space alongside the studio, for the presentation of some of these works.
Artists-in-residence: Sara Dare, Annis Joslin and Jo Offer

Curators: Kate Adams with artists from Project Art Works, Lisa Slominski, Marc Steene and Cornelia Marland (Outside In), Liz Whitehead (Fabrica).

At the heart of this dynamic and highly experimental exhibition is the question ‘who gets to create art and whose work is selected and therefore validated for public view?’ We’re seeking to understand more about how access to creation spaces might shape the supply of art and artists in our society and to demystify the who, how and why of selecting work for public consumption.

We also want to have a lot of fun trying out new ways of being creative with three very different, highly skilled and talented artists: Sara Dare, Annis Joslin and Jo Offer. These artists will lead the activities in the studio which will be accessible to people with a wide range of intellectual and physical capacities. There will be space and materials for those who want to work alone or as part of a group - so just drop in and be part of the experiment.

A small number of professional curators have been invited to select artworks from those that have been produced during Putting Ourselves in the Picture. Their choices and the criteria for their selections will be displayed as small exhibitions on the following dates:

Sat 13-Sun 21 July - Kate Adams and studio artists from Project Art Works

Wed 24 July-Sun 4 August - Lisa Slominski (independent curator)

Wed 7-Sun 18 August - Marc Steene and Cornelia Marland (Outside In)

Wed 21-Mon 26 August - Liz Whitehead (Fabrica)
Arts council england
Outside in
Project artworks
Explorers project
Paul hamlyn foundation
Gallery Space Fabrica
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