Collective Artists

Archive Exhibitions (19 June to 16 August 1998)
Artists often have to work within an isolated environment, so it is refreshing to find those in a similar field, exchange ideas and share a common goal. People who live and work in Brighton revealed their experiences of the sun and how it affects their lives.

Eight artists have been using the different perspectives on the sun as starting points for their new work.
The exhibition included sound, photography, film and video with changing displays every two weeks. Taxi drivers confessed what the heat inspires their passengers to do; dermatologists revealed the hours of research that go on in laboratories as we bathe in the sun’s rays; people who speak English as a second language recounted their experiences and tales of the sun from memory and, seafront vendors provided the tools of their summer trade, including sweat and tears for a new art.

Suntrap presented new works by Keith Ball, David Breckon, Sarah Hardy, Kate Meynell, Haroob Mullick and Anne Sobotta, Lisa O’Connor and Jonathan Swain. The exhibition also gave visitors the chance to contribute their own experiences, placing objects into a Suntrap museum, adding their favourite summertime hit to a playlist and contributing their views to the Suntrap Magazine which was published fortnightly.

Featuring David Breckon, Lis O’Connor, Jonathan Swain.

With new work at two week intervals from:
Katharine Meynell
Haroob Mullick and Anne Sobotta
Keith Ball
Sarah Hardy

Curated by Kate Fowle and Deborah Smith
Suntrap 13

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