ACTIVATE for Journeys from an Absent Present to a Lost Past. Spring 2022.

Fabrica’s Spring exhibition 2022 brought together a series of artworks by Mohamad Hafez. Hafez’s ‘Journeys from an Absent Present to a Lost Past’ encouraged our volunteer group, ACTIVATE, to ask themselves “what holds the essence of home for you?” Together we compiled our own stories, photographs and films in order to identify a commonality and connection with others, situating ourselves within the global community.

Take a look of their project outcome: Activate Instagram

Listen to our group’s ideas and reflections via Soundcloud

Reflections and observations made by our volunteers:

Colette: “I feel that many elements to the project and we seem to have really developed and become more collaborative and cohesive in our discussions about where we are and where we want to go to and I think that is a consequence of us working so closely together discussing things.”

Vicky: “I enjoyed seeing the work coming together, the united effort that concluded in the collection of interviews. I really liked the result a collection of informal non-sterile, living contributions by visitors, volunteers and staff.”

Jenny: “The thing I enjoyed the most was the engagement with the public, which came as a surprise to me. It was a privilege to hear their stories and a wide range of views. I enjoyed watching the videos back editing on Instagram and watching the project grow.”

Recording setup.


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