Chancel Dedications

Written by Alice and researcher John

Marie Jean Alma Scott

The plaque above was made in memory of Marie Jean Alma Scott and can be found still be found in Fabrica Gallery today. Through the information pictured, the past present future team has begun to piece together fragments of Scott’s life.

Originally living at Marine Parade in Brighton, Marie left Bristol with her husband James Arthur Scott (a merchant) on 13 January 1923. Embarking on a ship called the Bayano, the two headed for Kingston Jamaica via the Shipping Line Elders and Fyffes. Elders and Fyffes Shipping was founded in 1902. It predominantly functioned as a banana cargo service, and only catering for a handful of passengers, the two were lucky to get on.

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James and Marie returned to England just over a year later, on the Coronado in April 1924 (also with Elders and Fyffes). The primary cause of Marie’s death is unknown, however it is documented that she died of a secondary cause of cardiac failure on 17th April 1924. With the ship not arriving in Avonmouth, Bristol until 20th April, this would suggest she passed away on board.

Mr Edwin Penfold Hall

The group also researched Edwin Penfold Hall, whose plaque is located in the chancel in Fabrica Gallery. His family offered the alter rails to the church, stating that Hall and his wife Kate gave 50 years of worship to the Holy Trinity.

At the end of 1850, Hall went into partnership with a man called Mr Lyon who was an established manufacturer of Pianos. The partnership lasted 18 months and consequently a shop bearing the name Lyon and Hall opened, selling Pianos, harmoniums, harps and other musical instruments opened at the junction of East Street and Grand Junction Parade. Following bomb damage in 1941, it moved to 92 Western Road, (now a Premier Convenience Store!).

Lyon and Hall: Western Road

On 22nd June 1909, The Holy Trinity Chapel Council held a meeting. Following this, Mr Hall lent the organ for the successful experiment to test the viability of moving the choir and organ up to the Eastern Gallery.



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