Traces and Hidden Details

We have been looking carefully at details in the building and many beautiful traces left behind from the life of the church. Here are some select photographs from research volunteers.

Do you see anything of interest? Have you noticed anything special when visiting? Let us know in the comments!

Engraving below pulpit – Grace Holland Photograph
Trace of removed cross on pulpit – Grace Holland Photograph
Internal structure – Grace Holland Photograph
Brass eagle hidden in void (formerly lived on the chancel)
Traces of the pews along the north side of the gallery – Grace Holland Photograph
Inscribed wooden tiles on chancel – Grace Holland Photograph
Detail on chancel alter – Clare Hankinson Photograph
Balcony name card holders – Tom Nicholson Photograph
Screwed hole for pulpit – Tom Nicholson Photograph
Scratched names on the balcony – Tom Nicholson Photograph


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