Volunteer Stories: Jenny

Jenny at Fabrica – taken by Phoebe Wingrove

Studying Art History, Fine art and Modern History at BHASVIC, has changed my perception of art in its entirety, extending it past the old hobby it was, into something which I believe, has the power to significantly impact someone’s life for the better. This is a notion that has only been reinforced during my time volunteering at Fabrica.

After hearing about the opportunity from my art teacher, Alex, I initially applied in hopes of both getting to know the contemporary art scene in Brighton a bit better and to gain some useful work experience to add to my university application. Whilst it has undoubtedly aided in both of those goals, I think it’s really the community that Fabrica has fostered, which has been the thing I’ve taken away most from the experience. The amazing scope of events is something I was completely unaware of prior to coming to volunteer here, but is a fundamental aspect of the gallery which anyone, artistically inclined or not, has the opportunity to get stuck into.

The inclusive, friendly and creative nature of both the volunteers and the people visiting
makes Fabrica an incredibly inviting place to find yourself in and I’ve especially enjoyed interacting with the abundance families who attended our last exhibition – the comments the children wrote in our review book were particularly entertaining (and I’d recommend having a flic through it next time you pass by).


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