Volunteer Stories: Tabby

Tabby at Fabrica – Taken by Phoebe Wingrove

About Me

I am currently in my second year of college studying English, Art and Art History for
A Level After college I hope to attend University and study History of Art with the
hopeful end goal of finding a career somewhere within the field of restoration or
curation. I really enjoy making my own art and consider it alongside reading as one of my
favourite hobbies, working at Fabrica was great for both of these as it gave me heaps
of inspiration for my art as well as new areas of art history to read up on.

I first heard about the possibility of volunteering at Fabrica through my art teacher at
college. He recommended it as an opportunity to find some work experience in a
relevant field as well as a way to get involved in the local art scene. When I joined the volunteer team at Fabrica I was looking to gain a little more experience in the workplace and some insight into a field which I hope to join.

Though more importantly I hoped to share my interest in art with others and engage
in conversation in an environment of equally passionate people.

About Fabrica
I would describe Fabrica as creative, collaborative and community-driven

I actually attended primary school just around the way from Fabrica so in my mind I
will always think of it as a place for curiosity and discovery because that’s what it
was to me when I was younger, this kind of magical place which me and my brother
could explore and play in.

One of my favourite parts of volunteering at Fabrica was having an opportunity to
contribute to our exhibitions run of the Response magazine. It was so amazing
working with other volunteers and staff to create a piece of work that visitors were
able to use to further their understanding of and engagement with the exhibition. It
gave me a much greater understanding of the steps taken to get a project from the
initial conceptual stages to a finished product and the conversations and ideas we
got to explore as a team are something I’m so glad I got to have been a part of.
I think the most enjoyable aspect of volunteering for me was greeting people at the
front desk. Though at times it can be a little stressful trying to make sure you’ve
briefed each visitor, it was an overall rewarding experience to make sure everyone
knew they were welcome at Fabrica and it let me see firsthand people engage with
art work in countless different ways. I also found it to be another great opportunity to
discuss with people a topic I’m passionate about. I like to think that I maybe
contributed just a little to people’s enjoyment of the exhibition.

I think aside from all the technical and workplace skills that Fabrica has helped me
with, my most significant take away from this experience has been the real life
connections I was able to build during my time volunteering. Through Fabrica I’ve
been able to meet so many interesting and like minded people who have really
inspired me to get involved with my local artistic scene.

I am really proud that I’ve had the chance to be a part of Fabrica!


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