Making Space: Cloudspotting: Experiments in embodied storytelling and spectatorship, Discussion

Raquel Meseguer & Cathy Waller

Archive Events & Talks (3 May 2020, 6.30pm - 8.00pm)
As part of Fabrica’s 2020 Making Space programme, Raquel Meseguer will be exploring collective acts of rest, as a means to challenge the current etiquette of our public spaces, which favours verticality. In her new piece visitors are asked to lie down to hear verbatim stories about people's attempts to rest in public.
“Horizontality”, argues the artist, “is much more than a question of 180 degrees difference: it is a different form of spectatorship that welcomes a broader audience and offers the chance to create a new type of performance.” Raquel Meseguer

Raquel will share thoughts and findings from her residency in conversation with Cathy Waller (Disability Arts Online & Cathy Waller Company). Speaking from their individual perspectives as artists they will discuss their views on pain and illness as socially constructed, and how normative culture can be challenged through alternative approaches spectatorship, identity and storytelling.

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