Fabrica Testbed: Mr Snake

Lucy Steggals

Archive Events & Talks (18 September 2014, 7.00pm - 9.00pm)
For the the Testbed, 2014 Fabrica has selected artist Lucy Steggals to spend four days in September working in its unique space. The Testbed is an opportunity for an artist to test, to play, to explore an idea, a piece of work and Lucy is using the opportunity to tell the story of Mr Snake.
Mr Snake (otherwise known as Linoka) believed that play was free
In fact for him it was freedom
He always carried his belongings in a plastic bag
He was trying to design Zambia’s first roller coaster
It was to be called the King Cobra
He wanted it to be white so it did not fade in the sun…

Mr Snake is a part pre-recorded and part improvised environment. Combining actual experience (there will be swings!) with digital imagery and pre-recorded and improvised sound. The development of Mister Snake musicians Tara Franks and Raphael Knapp and Artist Levin Haegele.

During Lucy’s time in the gallery, we will be opening the doors so our audience can see the development of this extraordinary work and then as a culmination of her residency there will be an evening performance with live music.
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