Into That Good Night

From 2013-2017 Fabrica produced three major exhibition commissions that explored aspects of mortality, morbidity and ageing through the artists’ works and through the accompanying discussions and events in the gallery programme.

There is wide reluctance in people to engage with the idea of their own death. For our predominantly rich society the idea of death as a natural part of life is largely avoided. There is little media coverage on the process of dying, the procedures that take place between death and the disposal of the body, or how those witnessing the death of others might feel about it, learn from it and integrate it into their own experience of living and dying.

The focus of the Into That Good Night programme became part of the larger Fabrica project Growing an Older Audience (GOA) after an examination of the issues that are particularly pertinent to people towards the end of their life; ageing, dying and death. More widely , the programme also aims to engage younger audiences with these themes too, in the belief that the earlier we accept the fact of our mortality, the more empowered and prepared we will be for the processes that come with living towards our death.

The first exhibition from the Into That Good Night Programme was Fabrica’s Autumn 2013 show, A Cold Hand on a Cold Day by video artist Jordan Baseman. The film Baseman created focused on the people who take care of the deceased person between death and the disposal of their body.

The second exhibition, Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva’s Fragility, exhibited at Fabrica in Summer 2015. It re-appropriated the animal viscera caul fat into a beautiful material that filled Fabrica gallery. It offered the chance to reflect on the fragility of our own lives.

​The third and final part of the programme was the installation The Interval and the Instant by Steven Eastwood, exhibited at Fabrica in 2017.

For more information on the programme you can view the Into That Good Night blog.

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