Making Space: Anthropography

Tetrapode Co. with Fu Le

Archive Artist Residencies & Projects (21 March to 31 March 2022)
From 21-31 March, choreographer, visual artist and filmmaker Fu Le will be resident at Fabrica, working on a series of Anthropographic experiments which will explore the physical imprint of the body on styrofoam material. Also metaphorically, how memories, traces or scars define our existence in the world.

His residency at Fabrica revisits his practice of drawing through the sensory experience of the dancing body and aerial dance in particular. On Thursday 31st March at 6-8pm, Fu Le will present a performance with Tetrapode Co. based on this research, at Fabrica.

The performance will be followed by a Q&A with Sarah Kearney (Assistant Producer) and Cath James (Artistic Director) from South East Dance.

This work is a continuation of his project Anthropography, initiated by Fu Le in 2015. Through this project, which has had several iterations, Fu Le seeks to replace ‘movement’ as the centre of the creative process with ‘sculpture’.

In 2018, Fu Le began to research styrofoam as a material to work with for performance. And in 2021 this resulted in a new dance piece – Le Chant du Styrène, a conversation through movement between material and moving bodies that investigates whether it is the material that defines what the dancers do or the reverse.

Arsenic styrene 86

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