Ernest & Celestine

Archive Film at Fabrica (14 February 2024, 2.00pm - 4.00pm)
For Valentines Day we are screening this charming French-Belgian animation about the love and friendship between two unlikely allies; a mouse and a bear.

Ernest & Celestine/ 2012 / English version / 1hr&20mins / Rated U

The film begins in a world where mouse and bear are separate - mice like Celestine are told tales to fear bears and starving and destitute bears like Ernest consider mice to be a possible snack... When Ernest and Celestine meet, Celestine convinces Ernest to break into a nearby candy store for food, and the adventure and their friendship begins.

The animation has a sensitive hand-drawn style, but is still rich in watercolour detail. These sweet visuals offers old-fashioned delights for animation lovers of all ages.

“Ernest and Celestine is the coziest movie you'll likely see all year. Every frame is suffused with a fireplace kind of warmth that, for me at least, cast an immediate spell that didn't let up.”

Glen Kenny, Roger Ebert


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