Inkscapes: Exploring Imaginary Worlds (5-9yrs)

Children's Easter Holiday Workshop

Archive Workshops (10 April 2024, 10.30am - 12.00pm)
Join us for a Children's workshop this Easter break that ignites imaginations, crafting imaginary worlds through fun inky activities!

Embark on a creative journey in the Easter Holidays with our professional artist facilitator, Lynn Weddle, at Fabrica's Inkscapes Workshops for Children. Join us in crafting large-scale ink artworks and let your imagination run wild as we create whole other worlds together.

Inspired by the current In Between Gallery exhibit: 'Spring' by Christian Jago, renowned for his expertise in world-building and special effects, this workshop invites children to delve into the realm of imagination. From the depths of the sea to the vast expanse of space, or any other fantastical setting you can dream of - let's bring our imagined worlds to life!

Using a variety of inks and papers, we'll experiment and explore different techniques to construct our own unique worlds. Whether it's whimsical, peculiar, breathtaking, or downright bizarre, the possibilities are endless.

Inky Worlds 2160 x 1080


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