Memories of Water

Botanical silk dyeing for people aged 60+

Workshops (12 June 2024, 1.30pm - 3.00pm)
A botanical silk dyeing workshop for participants aged 60+ with artist Emma Chow that melds art, science and personal connections with water.

Emma Chow is currently artist in residence for The Living Coast (Brighton, Hove & Lewes Downs UNESCO Biosphere). Her residency, entitled Stream to Sea, is exploring parallels between the water-cycle, the life-journey of humans and the lifecycle of materials. More specifically, Emma is researching the River Ouse and the chalk reef at the Undercliff Walk, tracing water’s journey through the Biosphere: how it shapeshifts, gives life to fauna and flora, how it is impacted by human behaviors, what we get from it practically and emotionally.

Drawing on her scientific and field research, Emma will be inviting workshop participants to contribute to the next stage of her research: understanding the role water has played in elders’ lives and how it might have evolved overtime. Participants will be asked to share some of their memories and experiences in relation to water and capture the essence of these memories across space and time. This is the second stage in designing and making a dyed silk artwork that bridges past, present, and future, infusing elders’ wisdom with the imaginations of the next generation.

More information about Emma Chow and the Stream to Sea residency can be found here.

The purpose of the research:

Stream to Sea is funded by University of Brighton (Impact Accelerator Account, Arts and Humanities Research Council) and adds to a body of research by Dr Catherine Kelly that explores human relationships with blue spaces (water) and wellbeing. Reciprocity of care is central to this research, where the idea of custodianship of the self, and that of water environments are examined in relation to each other.

As we deepen our understanding of water, we root ourselves in place and remember our role as part of Nature. Rather than dwelling on problems in the water-cycle, this workshop is designed to activate the imaginations of the next generation of leaders, thinkers, and creators. We’ll apply futures design methodologies to co-create a dreamscape of a future where we are in right-relationship with water. And investigate what this looks and feels like.

This workshop is open to all adults over 60 year olds. It is the second of two workshops taking place as part of the Stream to Sea art residency. The workshops are a core component of Emma’s investigation during the Stream to Sea art residency for The Living Coast, where she explores the central question: How might we come into right-relationship with water in UNESCO Biosphere The Living Coast? The residency is taking place May - July 2024 through a partnership between Fabrica, ONCA, University of Brighton and The Living Coast.

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Please note: this is a practical, hands on activity so please wear old clothes.

No experience necessary, and all materials will be provided.

40 Duke Street, Brighton
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