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Archive Artist Residencies & Projects (25 March to 28 March 2024)
Fabrica’s first Making Space residency of 2024 has been awarded to Rapture, an art collective of four lead artists and over 20 affiliated creatives.

Rapture Collective focus on collaboration with cultural partners, businesses, arts audiences, and creatives. The unique experiences they create are a combination of the place they happen in, the participants who come along and the creative parameters that the Rapture team set, that shapes the creative and social interactions that take place. Their goal is to provide a rich visual experience and creative environment. And by creating a one-off gathering in this environment, encourage different kinds of interactions between people, arts and creative practice.

Rapture’s four-day project at Fabrica includes: meetings with artists and affiliated creatives, making filmed interviews with art world professionals, providing mentoring sessions to early career artists, and concludes with 'Rapture: A Celebratory Gathering’ on Thursday 28 March. 6- 10pm: a highly visual, sensory and intriguing buffet for 100 participants.

More information about the event and buying tickets can be found here.

Their residency at Fabrica builds on previous events in Brighton and Cornwall in 2023, and will focus on developing the concept for their event format, alongside the creative and financial models that can sustain these gatherings as part of the lead artists’ practices.

There is also the opportunity to purchase affordable artworks inspired by the installation.

About The Artist

Jesse Leroy Smith
Jesse is a Painter, Curator, Collaborator and Mentor working in both Newlyn, Cornwall and Brighton. His Figurative Painting is shaped by Collage, Drawing, Print, Film, Book and the Public Art Projects he curates. He studied Fine Art at Norwich School of Art and a Postgraduate Diploma in Painting at the Royal Academy Schools in 1989 – 92. He exhibits internationally and recent residencies include travels through Germany, Greece and Ireland.

Michael Angove
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Michael is a Royal College of Art alumnus who's monolithic oil paintings are a response to the fluctuations of time and space. He has a 20 year history in design working for a string of well known brands in Italy such as Jean-Paul Gaultier and Hugo Boss, and British brands from Liberty and Jo Malone London to Farrow & Ball and Agent Provocateur.

Mark Fleckner
Born in Coventry and based now in Northamptonshire, Mark wasted many years in the Construction business and his love of the arts remained locked in the closet, a dirty secret. He now spends most of his waking hours consumed with the deployment and disfigurement of prosaic materials in an endless pursuit of Rapture. His practice incorporates installation, image manufacture and something akin to Sculpture.

Lucianna Whittle
Lucianna Whittle is known for making large abstract oil paintings on paper. Based in Studio 106 in Hove, her work comes from a place of natural engagement with her materials and curiosity about the act of painting itself. Lucianna holds a Fine Art Painting degree and a MA in Cultural and Critical Theory, which influences her still in her pursuit of the truth in art. Rapture is a deep enquiry into the element of encounter present in the gallery setting and fulfils Lucianna's passion for connecting art with the audience in real time.

PHOTO 2024 02 05 10 32 52
‘The Last Buffaye’ by Jesse Leroy Smith and Richard Ballinger, Glasgow School of Art

“Key to Rapture Collective’s ethos is mixing established and emerging practitioners together within one event, inviting local galleries and curators to take part, and throwing the event open to anyone else who’s interested in taking part. This creates an incredible mix and energy in the room, we’re always aiming to create an informal, free-flowing atmosphere where people feel connected and stimulated and new kinds of conversations about art can happen, so the mix of who’s in the room is really important.”

Jesse Leroy Smith, a Rapture lead artist

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