A Celebratory Gathering

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Join art collective Rapture for an evening where art, celebration, and creative conversation converge.

Fabrica’s first Making Space residency of 2024 has been awarded to ‘Rapture’, an art collective of four lead artists and over 20 affiliated creatives.

The residency at Fabrica will conclude with 'Rapture: A Celebratory Gathering’ on Thursday 28 March, 6- 10pm.

Experience the Completion of 'Prey' by Jesse Leroy Smith - A 12 x 3 Metre Painting on Canvas tarpaulins, made during the Residency:

Be part of an exclusive banquet for 100 guests, where the painting 'Prey' will be completed in a performative crescendo. Immerse yourself in a highly visual, sensory, and intriguing evening as the artwork responds spontaneously to social interactions, captivating soundscapes, enlightening talks, and supporting artworks.

A Homage to 'Last Supper' Imagery:

As the evening unfolds on the eve of Good Friday, witness Rapture's homage to Leonardo da Vinci’s 'The Last Supper' imagery, adorned with creatures from the sky and beneath rocks. This unique fusion of art, performance, and celebration promises an unforgettable experience that transcends traditional boundaries.

Focus of Rapture Collective's Residency:

Rapture's residency at Fabrica is dedicated to developing the concept for their event format, including the creative and financial models to sustain these gatherings as integral components of the lead artists' practices.

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‘The Last Buffaye’ by Jesse Leroy Smith and Richard Ballinger, Glasgow School of Art

“We relish eating and drinking to socialise, talk and laugh but it’s rare to do so whilst gazing at paintings and even more sensual to experience them as they take shape. It’s rarer still to get so many like-minded individuals passionate about the Arts around a table to be an artwork’s subject matter and consume its energy. This gathering will share a rampant finale of image making and a celebration of Paint, live and in the flesh.”

Jesse Leroy Smith - A Lead Rapture Artist

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