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Iris Madariaga

Archive Artist Residencies & Projects (25 April 2024, 6.30pm - 8.00pm)
In conversation with Georgia Hunter, Iris Madariaga will reflect on the practical, emotional and social aspects of emerging from a 24hr durational performance.

Iris Madariaga is undertaking a Making Space residency at Fabrica 22-26 April 2024 and using the opportunity to develop a 24-hour durational artwork, Public Pause, viewed via Fabrica’s picture window on Duke Street from 12 noon Tuesday 23 April to 12 noon Wednesday 24 April 2024, with small, ticketed audience having access to the space 11am-12 noon on 24 April, to witness the last hour of Iris’ performance.

In this talk with friend and fellow artist, Georgia Hunter, Iris will reflect on the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual challenges presented in creating this work-in-progress piece, including the practicalities of ‘holding the space’ as a performer with a transient audience over 24hrs.

Georgia Hunter is a visual arts enthusiast, film fanatic, and poet. She worked at Fabrica for many years as an administrator and event manager, assisting in the running of the Fabrica’s exhibitions and events. She currently works as Commercial Event Administrator at Southbank Centre, a multifaceted arts centre where she helps to deliver large-scale activities. Georgia also freelances as a film and event programmer where she has hosted multiple Q&As and panel talks with award-winning directors, multidisciplinary artists, and industry experts. Her interests lie in the sustainable, the mystical and whimsical, and the process of mythmaking.

Iris Madariaga is a multi-disciplinary artist, born in Liverpool and currently based in Brighton. Their praxis involves life/art practises; meditation, ritual, somatic embodiment/movement, sound, vocal and image. Iris’ happenings are catalysts for exploration, transformation; informing states of consciousness, clarity and integration. Iris completed a BA in Theatre Studies & Communication Arts at Huddersfield University, in 1997, an MA in Dance & Somatic Well-Being, at UCLAN, Preston, UK in 2008 and has performed nationally and internationally since 1994. An extended biography can be found here

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“I like to explore and move from the internal world and sculpt what appears to be invisible. Walking this bridge creates a process that at some point will emerge as performance: a personal biomythography that incorporates the universal human condition.”

Iris Madariaga

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