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Public Pause - Iris Madariaga

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Fabrica's April 2024 Making Space residency has been awarded to multi-disciplinary artist Iris Madariaga who is creating a 24 hour durational experimental artwork that draws from their lived experience of the last 5 years: as a singer-songwriter, seanachai/storyteller, and as a Fabrica worker.

Iris describes this new work-in-progress as being created ‘through stillness, with reference to animist and elemental ritual practice within a space that they know intimately’. Through the residency Iris will be 'wringing themself out' in front of a passing audience, who can observe through Fabrica’s picture window on Duke Street.

A small audience will be able to participate in the final hour of the durational artwork, at 11am on Wednesday 24 April. Tickets can be booked here.

On Thursday 25 April, 6.30-8pm, Iris will talk about their approach to their practice, including the work in progress piece. More information about the event and buying tickets can be found here.

About The Artist

Iris Madariaga is a multi-disciplinary artist, born in Liverpool and currently based in Brighton. Their praxis involves life/art practises; meditation, ritual, somatic embodiment, sound, vocal and image. Iris’ happenings are catalysts for exploration, transformation; informing states of consciousness, clarity and integration.

Iris completed a BA in Theatre Studies & Communication Arts at Huddersfield University, in 1997. With a colleague, they started, dekay Theatre Co. Touring, workshopping across West Yorkshire. And continued training with Nicolas Nunez (Anthropological Theatre, Mexico D.F) from 2000. Culminating in a durational performance, Flight of Quetzacoatl @ Teotihucan.

In 2008 Iris completed an MA in Dance & Somatic Well-Being, at UCLAN, Preston, UK. This period included touring with Torifune Butoh-Sha, (The Brindley, Ellesmere Port, UK; Dojo, Kyoto; Theatre Zero, Tokyo, Japan).

Iris has performed nationally and internationally since 1994, including Liverpool Biennial, Contact Improv Festival, Berlin. Present Being, Thessaloniki, Greece. Barcelona, Arc De Triomf, Catalunya, Spain.

They facilitate and deliver workshops in approaches and methodologies for performance art; site specific/responsive, and durational sacred performance.

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“I like to explore and move from the internal world and sculpt what appears to be invisible. Walking this bridge creates a process that at some point will emerge as performance: a personal biomythography that incorporates the universal human condition”

Iris Madariaga

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