Making Space: MRS ROE

Archive Events & Talks (12 October 2023, 6.00pm - 8.00pm)
Join Making Space Artist in Residence Kerry Lemon for a talk about her ongoing project: MRS ROE. Followed by a Q&A with Liz Whitehead.

Kerry Lemon is undertaking a Making Space residency at Fabrica 9-13 October 2023

Kerry is using the opportunity to develop a new piece, MRS ROE, in the gallery. This work is Kerry’s response to the recent Roe v Wade overturn in the USA.

At this conversation event there will be the chance to hear more about the project, and experience the artwork in situ at Fabrica.

Find out more about MRS ROE here.

Kerry lemon EB Image

““Through this project I am seeking the historical indigenous and site-specific knowledge of abortive native herbs to explore the current dislocation of womxn from nature. It is a deeply personal exploration of a practice of community abortive care, our patriarchal health care system and society and what it means to be a womxn connected to the earth with the potential to create human life.” Kerry Lemon”

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