Haunted Karaoke (In The Paravilion)

Making Space: Antivoid Alliance

Archive Events & Talks (9 July 2024, 7.00pm - 9.00pm)
Join artist group Antivoid Alliance for a public event at the outset of their four-day Making Space residency. Audience members will be invited to participate in a live Karaoke session before joining the artists to discuss the ideas driving the project.

Antivoid Alliance are interested in questioning the role of the audience in the context of contemporary art, and how the art experience can form part of a wider project for social change. At this work-in-progress event, the group will share some initial ideas around the artistic potential tied up in the cultural practice of Karaoke. Across the evening, invited guests and members of the public will be invited to perform with a bespoke Karaoke system. The performances that ensue will be accompanied by an improvised response from Butoh dance artist Yumino Seki.

The artist talk will be hosted by Liz Whitehead. As Co-Director of Fabrica, Whitehead has extensive experience of presenting a wide variety of contemporary art practices to a range of audiences. Bringing this knowledge to bear on questions of Karaoke and the social value of art, the discussion will touch upon themes of subversion and escapism—the critical agency of practices that operate at the intersection of joy, resistance, and art practice.

Find out more about Antivoid Alliance’s Making Space residency here.

About The Artist

An artist collective, Antivoid Alliance operate as a shifting configuration of collaborators. For this project the collective comprises:

Grant Cieciura’s art practice as interference pierces public realms. His acute cynical directness comes from his Polish roots, the struggles his family had in the UK’s first resettlement camp. “Having a Polish parent you grow up with a razor sharpness, cutting through the bullshit.”

Caleb Madden works across an undefined range of media to explore the political agency of art. His recent research has been centred around the generative potential of noise art practices. Alongside his art practice he produces a monthly radio show for Resonance Extra and is director of the Outlands Experimental Music Network.

Luke Pendrell’s work inhabits the ragged edges. A founding member of the digital art collective Antirom, with work shown in Tate Britain, British Film Institute, Barbican, MoMI, Institute of Contemporary Art , MoMA, Cal Arts, Le Salle de Legion d’honneur and the ICC tower Open Sky Gallery. He Co-founded the Speculative Aesthetics Research project (Urbanomic/MIT 2014, Mckay, Pendrell & Trafford et al).

Yumino Seki’s work crosses the boundaries of dance, performance art and installation. Yumino trained in Butoh with Tadashi Endo (Mamu Dance Theatre) and Yumiko Yoshioka (TEN PEN CHii). In 2007 Yumino studied Voice Movement Integration Somatic Practice in Amsterdam.

Tiago De Sousa, artist and educator, uses performativity and radical pedagogy. His practice builds a critical consciousness and a performative language functioning as a social action, exploring how the agency of noise meets a burning demand to re-open the possibilities of a divergent now.

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